Product and Service Related Consumer Claims

Product and Service Related Consumer Claims

An 8 year old child succumbs to Dengue at a well known hospital in Gurgaon. Hospital held liable for unreasonable billings and failure in treating the child


Hospital charged Rs 20 lakhs for 4-5 days of hospitalization. Itemized billings showed unreasonable number of consumables which gave media arsenal to blow up this case against the hospital.

How Prophylactic Practices could have prevented this?

Consumables which cannot be clearly assigned to a patient should have been integrated into cost of hospitalization and bed charges. For example, gloves used in ICU, sterilization consumables etc.

Admission paperwork should have clearly stated per day hospitalization charges that would be incurred for maintenance of the patient with further choice to continue treatment under deteriorating health conditions should have been documented and signed off.

In this case, the child was brought in when her organs had already started failing. Her condition along with choice being exercised by her parents to seek hospitalization at the hospital to give her best possible chance of recovery should have been documented.