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About us

Ahluwalia Law Practice (ALP)

Ahluwalia Law Practice (ALP) was founded in 2009 by Dil Jit Singh Ahluwalia, Advocate, Supreme Court of India. Since then, ALP has provided preventive legal cover to a broad spectrum of clients, individuals and corporates across several industries as also been entrusted to lead litigations in India and overseas.

Working under the leadership and mentor-ship of Dil Jit Singh Ahluwalia is a team of highly experienced and dedicated litigators and paralegals who are focused on excellence. The team prides itself in keeping the clients protected from any litigation. In case it does happen, then they bring quick legal closures through preventive legal strategies to shorten litigations in an environment where lawsuits often span several years adding to legal costs, loss of management time and making a dent on personal and corporate goodwill.

Ahluwalia Law Practice is focused on helping Corporates minimize Legal Costs and mitigate legal complexities to thrive in India.

Dil Jit Singh Ahluwalia

B.A. LLB, Advocate Supreme Court

Dil Jit Singh Ahluwalia is an acclaimed legal strategist and a veteran at corporate, constitutional and criminal law, with more than 3 decades of experience in India and abroad. He has successfully lead high profile cases for large MNCs, celebrities, government officials, some of which were under CBI probes, across broad spectrum of fields – right from cross border taxation, financial structuring to criminal allegations. He has successfully provided legal prophylactic cover to high network individuals and corporates, ensuring that they remain insulated from any potential legal liability. Dil Jit is an avid reader, writer and a coach for young in the profession as well as rich in experience abroad.



  1. Criminal law, laws having penal consequences & constitutional law
  2. Formulation of legal strategy at all stages, including criminal investigations & trials
  3. Formulation of corporate/individual criminal liability & prophylactic cover


  1. Supreme Court Bar Association
  2. Delhi High Court Bar Association
  3. Bar Council of Delhi

English, Hindi, Punjabi & Russian

What we offer at ALP

| Preventive or Prophylactic Law practice is a unique area of our practice by which we assist corporate clients to enhance their capacity to do business by providing a dedicated cover to preventing legal risks from becoming legal battles, and thereby minimize costs, loss of time and good will for the company as well as its management.

Recent and progressive legal changes are further holding management accountable and subject to penal action for a broad range of corporate oversights and liabilities. All of these firms have highly qualified legal teams, helping them with legal compliances, risk mitigation and so on. Yet, costs are on the increase due to multiple reasons.

Traditional lawyers and external law firms often take a defensive approach while drafting agreements and formulating strategy – “How will the firm defend” in case of a litigation and not “How do we prevent any litigation”. The approach is seldom preventive or prophylactic – which can prevent any kind of legal cases – criminal or civil – and hence minimize legal costs for now or for future.

Indian judicial system is rapidly changing with new laws, regulations and redressal mechanisms being put in place. Large law firms, entrenched in traditional practices, ordinarily adopt defensive legal documentation and strategies. In a dynamic scenario, out of the box litigation strategies are required to prevent litigation.

| Internal legal teams, who are closer to business reality and organizational susceptibility, are often caught up in routine matters to support business and fulfill statutory requirements. Moreover, a number of laws have been enacted which entail serious penal consequences often directly to directors and management teams of companies, whereby, susceptibility to consequences of penal laws, unconsciously, has increased manifolds. Internal law teams stay focused protecting senior management from risks arising out of routine transactions, limiting their bandwidth to develop preventive strategies for long term growth or speedy expansion.

Media trials are a harsh reality today with presumption of suspicion by the media being seen to tantamount to overriding proof of guilt. Against this backdrop, where corporate penal liability is a reality, with the officials involved with the day to day functioning of the company now being held liable for all acts or omissions of the company, done by them in representative capacity in addition to risk of being individually liable, corporate philosophy needs to focus on “prevention” rather than “cure”.

Our Attorneys



B.A. LLB, Advocate Supreme Court
  • Criminal & Penal Laws
  • Preventive/Prophylactic Legal Cover For Corporates
  • International Practice
Rajesh Gupta01


  • Shipping
  • Customs
  • Excise
  • Recovery
    Rajvinder Singh Ahluwalia


    • Arbitration
    • Domestic Violence and Matrimonial cases
      Kailash Yadav


      B.A , LLB, LLM in Criminology
      • Former Additional Standing Counsel, Ghaziabad Government of India
      • Trial Court Litigation (Pan India)
        rajinish chand01


        • Trial Court Litigation (NCR)
          Anubhav Mehrotra01


          • Civil Law
            visrut raj1

            VISHRUT RAJ

            • Filings at High Court and Supreme Court
              Brijesh Mathur01

              BRIJESH MATHUR

              • Start Up Business Consultation
              • Corporate Restructurings
                Sushma Mathur01

                SUSHMA MATHUR

                BMC ASSOCIATES - BA, LLB
                • Specialises in mergers and acquisitions, Tax and Corporate Advisories
                  Angad Ahluwalia01

                  ANGAD AHLUWALIA

                  • Researcher
                    Randhir kumar jha

                    RANDHIR KUMAR JHA