Who We Are

Founded in 2009 by Dil Jit Singh Ahluwalia, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, ALP has provided preventive legal cover to a broad spectrum of clients, individuals and Corporates across several industries and has also been entrusted to lead litigations in India and overseas

01. Our Focus

We are focused on helping Corporate minimize Legal Costs and mitigate legal complexities to thrive in India. Preventive or Prophylactic Law practice is a unique area of our practice by which we assist corporate clients to enhance their capacity to do business.

02. Our Team

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated litigators and paralegals are focused on excellence and pride themselves in keeping the clients protected from any litigation.

03. Our Services

We provide a dedicated cover to preventing legal risks from becoming legal battles and thereby minimizing costs, loss of time and good will for the company as well as its management.

4 Pillars to Our Practice


Formulation of adequate safeguards to insulate senior functionaries of the board from ramifications of penal action that may arise from any over sights or false consumer or third-party complaints.


Working very closely with our client’s legal team ensuring any brewing conflict or potential legal issue can be nipped in the bud through preventive strategy and measures.


Periodic review of all company contracts, invoices and any documents that are shared externally to ensure they are drafted to prevent litigations especially from a criminal law standpoint and help in speedy closures in case of dispute in turn preventing long drawn litigations.


Media management is an integral part of the prophylactic legal strategy as media is a powerful tool which helps shape perception and one which plays a determining factor in highlighted cases

Case Studies

Qualified Assistance

  • Constitutional and Criminal Law
  • International Legal Representations
  • Litigations, Legal & Media Strategy Planning
  • Preventive/ Prophylactic law practice

An 8 year old child succumbs to Dengue at a well known hospital in Gurgaon. Hospital held liable for unreasonable billings and failure in treating the child

The fight between McDonald’s and Bakshi began in 2013 after fast food giant removed Bakshi as the Managing Director of Connaught Plaza Restaurants Limited (CPRL).

BMW India was dumping cars on its dealer but when he raised a dispute his dealership was terminated and arbitration proceedings were initiated.

Our Attorneys

Working under the leadership and mentorship of Dil Jit Singh Ahluwalia is a team of highly experienced and dedicated litigators and paralegals who are focused on excellence.



B.A. LLB, Advocate Supreme Court
  • Criminal & Penal Laws
  • Preventive/Prophylactic Legal Cover For Corporates
  • International Practice
Kailash Yadav


B.A , LLB, LLM in Criminology
  • Former Additional Standing Counsel, Ghaziabad Government of India
  • Trial Court Litigation (Pan India)
Rajesh Gupta01


  • Shipping
  • Customs
  • Excise
  • Recovery